Visit Shikoku Pilgrimage temples

Follow in the footstep of the 8th century’s Buddhist monk Kukai. In Muroto, there are three of 88 Shikoku Pilgrimage temples. And also there is the cave called Mikurodo where Kukai underwent training. He could see only sky and sea from the cave, so he named himself Ku(sky)-Kai(sea).

for Shikoku Pilgrimage please see the link


Join the sea turtle research and release process

Unfortunately there are sea turtles caught in fishnet. Sea turtle association of Japan has been working for taking sea turtles under its protection and sending them back to the sea. The association will start to hold the program which visitors can lean about the turtles, measure the body length, and release them. Participants of program will be given the hand towels as research member certifications. The program charge is 2000 yen for adults, 1500yen for kids.
It is planed to open in summer 2017, for further information check the link.


Swim with dolphins

Imagine that you see jumping dolphin in the hight of your eyes. Muroto dolphin center was originally the research of dolphin therapy. So the facility is relatively small, nothing fancy, but you can easily find it from the road 55 thanks to dolphin printed flags.
30 minutes dolphin swim is 8640yen for adults, 5400yen for kids. Participants must be taller than 110cm and need reservation. Touching dolphins are open for every age. 760yen for adults, 650yen for kids.
For other programs and location, please check the link.


Walk through Kiragawa town

Town of Kiragawa used to be a shipping port of “Tosa binchotan”. The houses from Meiji period has been protected by white walls using Tosa plaster and the roof attached water draining from strong rain and wind such as typhoons. It is a small town, you can walk around the town in 30 minutes. But I highly recommend to drop in small cafe or eating places where you can feel the local lives.


Cape Muroto

Cape Muroto was designated as UNESCO global geo park. As facing the Nankai Trough, the submarine trough located south of the Kochi bay, Cape Muroto has been shaped uniq way. Along the Nankai Trough, Philippine sea plate has crawled into the beneath of the Eurasia plate, pushed Muroto cape, and that cause an earthquake every 100 years. You can see the written history of earth from huge rocks in the cape.
For further information click here or walk!


Also not to miss to eat Kinmedon!

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