Just driving to the beloved aquarium? Actually there are many places you’d better to stop by.

If you like antique furniture, driving along route 58 from Ginowan to Chatan is optional. They typically sell old American products, because they situate close to American base. Also, there are shops selling local made furnitures. It must be fun for furniture lover to repeat stop and go.


When you pass thorough Chatan, you will find Yomitan Pottery Village, Yachimun no Sato.

Yachimun, pottery in Okinawa direct, has a history back to 15 centuries, and has been developed within the Ryukyu culture but got influence from China, Korea peninsula and Southeast Asia. Yomitan is the heart of Yachimun industry in Okinawa, and there are 19 Yachimun studios within Yachimun no Sato, and 64 studios within the entire village.

When you go to the souvenir shops within the village, you will find that each shop has own selection, not like ordinary ones which basically sell same products. Yachimun is basically thick and strong build, so it’s a good idea to get favorite one to take home.


Doing yoga on the beach is also your options.

Yoga at Okinawa beach

Cloudy day view is also beautiful in Onna village

Blue cave is not the trademark limited for Italy, in Onna village you can enjoy Blue cave diving or snorkeling in Sunny days. It’s a natural cave of 30 meter depth. The sunlight enter from the cave’s entrance, going through clear water and reflect on the seafloor, eventually light up the cave mysteriously blue color. You can also enjoy swimming with many fish.


Onna village is famous for its tideland too.

Trek with Doctor

Northern part of Okinawa main island is called Yanbaru. Compared to the southern part where almost no mountains and rivers, Yanbaru area consists of many mountains and rivers. According to the WWF, Yanbaru is the habitat of over four thousand species including many endemic species, especially reptiles and amphibians.  So it’s a paradise of nature trek lovers.


Explore Yanbaru forests from sea.

Picnic with wooden fishing boat “sabani”

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