When you think about traveling Tokyo, probably Shibuya, Asakusa, Ginza or Roppongi sit the first choice. Even for Japanese Meguro District seems like the place to live not to visit.

Well, those who love Vin Naturel, Meguro is the sanctuary. Many restaurants and bars serving Vin Naturel concentrate in this district.  And most of cases, those restaurants serve dishes made from organic products.

Here are my recommendations

le verre vole a Tokyo
Cantina Carica ri

Shopping in Meouro is totally different from Ginza or Shibuya. There are much smaller distinctive shops lined along Meouro street.


For people interested in old daily shopping style in Japan, Heiwa doori shotengai, the shopping street for daily necessities and foods.

https://yellow.place/en/平和通り商店街-meguro-ku-japan sorry no English information available

In hanami(watching cherry blossom) season, Many people gather on Mero River at  Nakameguro station. Other than Nakameguro, Rinshi no Mori park, Himonya shrine, and Saigoyama park are on the list for hanami visiting.

If you are an woman who want to visit highly skilled beauty salon in Japan, Jiyugaoka might be your destination. It’s a good idea to try uniquely developed gel nail design.

Well, personally I highly recommend this salon, sleep.


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