wine shop filled with Japanese wine

The reputation of Japanese wine had kept low until a few years ago. Many had said, tasteless, watery, sour. But recently increasing number of people willingly chose Japanese wine. What makes difference?

New generation of wineries do not aim at winemaking of big international brands, but they try to be boutique wineries dedicating to produce natural wine or Vin Naturel. Some winery produces cloudy non filter white wine, some produce lightly sparkling wine from Delaware, another produce pale garnet colored but flavorful Pinot Noir. Young people got used to the taste of natural wine now starts to talk about Japanese wine mainly favorable ways.

Anyway, we went to the wine festival in Yamanashi prefecture this April. There are no  doubt that music and wine and good food make people happy. It was really happy day with pleasant weather.

Yamanashi is the major wine making region which produce 40 % of domestic wine, and has a history of growing grapes more than 1000 years, according one theory. And the prefecture is also famous as a fruit producing region, which means spring there is ablaze with flowers. If you climb up a hill, you will see the whole village painted with peach, real peach branch.

We stayed at Kainokuni Yamato Natural School. It is far from fancy hotel, but you don’t have to be bothered with pithing a tent, and less expensive. For eating you can ask them to use their kitchen, or enjoy BBQ and even pizza making with stone oven.

Season has been changing from spring to early summer. Traveler visit Yamanashi should enjoy wine and cycling. Cheers!

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