In May, Japan still enjoys blooming season of lots of flowers. So, those who do not finalize itinerary, these are the place you might enjoy stunning flower view.

Rikugien, Azalea

Fuji Shiba-sakura festval, Moss phlox

  • Highlight; Mt. Fuji and Shiba-sakura same flame
  • Best time to see; Beginning to mid of May
  • Prefecture/ rough access; Yamanashi, From Kawaguchiko station/30minutes by shibazakura liner (shuttle bus)

Kasuga taisha, Wisteria

Byakugouji Wisteria

Hasedera, Peony

Mimurotoji, Azalea, Rosebay, followed by Hydrangea ( in June)

  • Highlight;  20,000 of azaleas and 1,000 of rosebay with sanju-no-to (3 story pagoda) in the background
  • Best time to see; End of April to middle of May
  • Prefecture/ rough access;  Kyoto/ 30 minutes by train from Kyoto station, same area as Byodoin temple

These information are as of April 28th, expected bloom date will change depend on weather.

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