Kashiwajima had been a hidden gem of Kochi prefecture, Shikoku. Located at the edge of Shikoku and literally no public transportation, Kashiwajima had stayed away from tourists until couple years ago.

With 4km around property,the island had been a small fishery town with the beautiful sea which is a house of more than 1000 kinds of fish. With that varieties of fish and large coral reef colony, the island has become a divers’ favorite spot gradually in past decade. But after the media started to call the island Japan’s equivalent of Lampedusa island, tourists has rush to the small island.


That is a good trend for the rustic village, but recently increasing number of people having BBQ at the beach, just dump there trash into the beach which include cans, bottles, beachballs, and even BBQ grills. That is not just disgusting but immediate threat for kids playing at the beach, and destruction of the ecosystem.

There should be something that the local government can do, but I hope Kashiwajima will attract more and more tourists appreciating the nature this year.

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