Yes, especially in June.

I think Kamakura might be the most underrated destination for foreign traveller so far. People loving to see temples and shrines head to Kyoto, or Nara. And people staying in Tokyo and not going to westside of Japan prefer to go Nikko. So talking about Kamakura, they simply say, we’ve already saw bunch of shrines.

Well, it’s really about temples and Buddha. But Kamakura was the capital of Kamakura Shogunate which was the first Samurai regime in the history. Hence, their virtue weighed much simplicity compare to Kyoto where the center of the court culture, and is rather gorgeous. And Kamakura is easily accessible from Tokyo, like less than 1 hour train trip.

The window of Meigetsu-in, called Window of Enlightenment

When you arrived at Kamakura, the first place you might visit is Tsurugaoka Hachiman, the most gorgeous shrine in Kamakura. Tsurugaoka Hachiman was built by Yoritomo Minamoto, the first Shogun (in the definition of governing the country)  of Japan.

Tsurugaoka Hachiman

If you are interested in Zen culture, take 7 minutes walk to Kencho-ji, where you can also try Shakyo ( copying sutra by your hand ) for 1000 yen. I love hydrangea, so I am willing to extra 10 minute walk to Meigetsu-in also known as Ajisai dera ( temple of hydrangea ) in June. Meigetsu-in is also famous for the round window view. For People willing to visit Meigetsu-in, I highly recommend start from Kita-Kamakura station.



For those who looking for souvenir, it’s a good idea to walk around Komachi-dori on the way back to Kamakura station.

The reason most Japanese love Kamakura is that you can see the historic site backed with beach. You can go to Yuigahama beach by foot, or take lovely Enoden train from Kamakura station just for fun. I personally like eat Soba in authentic Japanese atmosphere, so always go to Matsubara-an. But for people miss heavy meal, there are some hamburger place ( could be not enough heavy compared to your home country ).


Matsubara-an – Kamakura, Japan

Hase-dera is also famous for hydrangea path and this place is called temple of flowers. Visiting in autumn is also nice, when every leave turns red or yellow. Two main buildings are up on hill, you usually start walking toward left side then climb stairs.  You will soon find the vista point where you can enjoy the scenic view of the ocean.


Again I truly love hydrangea, always visit Gokuraku-ji not for the architecture but the view of hydrangeas and lovely Enoden train.

Railsignal over Hydrangea

Joju-in used to take the lead role of Kamakura hydrangea visiting, but they removed the plants for reconstruction work and gifted to Daiou-ji located in Minami-sanriku where massive tsunami swallowed whole town. Wish the bloom of hydrangea sooth the people there.




The post with hydrangea, we have to wait a few years to see this scene again

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