I always love to see the landscape where oceans meet ridge lines. So when I landed the island, I headed the Maehama beach, the most accessible and the most ideal view for me. Kozu shima is one of Izu seven islands, and surprisingly it is administratively a part of Tokyo. Like other kids, my son was so excited to swim in warm, clear and calm water, and I was relaxed and enjoyed shipping mojito.


Maehama beach is 5 minutes walk from the arrival port.

Umi-no-ie, Japanese translation of beach bar, ComeRing serves nice mojito and asian cuisine. This time I brought the burger from the nearest burger shop.

Enjoyed mojito and shaved ice.

I mostly stayed around the sea shores, and didn’t climb Mt. Tenjo, which is 572 meters above sea level and covered with the virgin forest. But it was mysteriously beautiful when clouds and fogs come over the mountain. It somehow reminded me the view of California north coast, like Point Rays.

One of the main destination of this short trip was to visit Akasaki Boardwalk, the perfect place to snorkel and jump from the diving boards. Surrounded by the cliffs the  bay is calm and easy to find tropical fish even for kids.

Young and adults jumped from the diving board.

At evening I enjoyed dropping into the restaurants some were new, some were old, but every place provided local products and fish.

The newly opened brewery.
The right one is made from the local plant, Ashitaba.
Sushi in this island use Japanese mustard instead of Wasabi.

It only took 3 hours by jet ship from Tokyo metropolitan area, but totally different world with the great landscape and the local community. It is no wonder that “Kozu shima” originally meant the island gods met.

Here is a movie


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