The site connect people seeking  unparalleled travel experience with local small businesses.

Not only providing the place where local businesses appeal their experience plans, but we do encourage, promote, and even make plans with them.

We support sustainable development of local businesses with human centric way.


Our Philosophy

In our world, there are lots of unknown but lovely towns, village, mountains and sea. And more and more travelers seek the travel having chance to experience local lives, that might be taking part in harvesting local crops, be a part of traditional festival, or play sports in classic view.

So we found “VISITUS”, the site which will bring unforgettable encounter for both traveler and local business.  We hope our new born business would give travelers chance to dip into local experience, and would do so for our children’s generation while encouraging local business to make sustainable development.

We will launch the service from here, Japan, and extend to the world for the future.

Who we are


Location; Meguro, Tokyo

Phone Number; 080-2583-8629

Contact; info@thevisitus.com